Spring has sprung!

Spring is almost here and now is the perfect time to get a jump on some home improvement projects. This post is chock-full of tips, a helpful maintenance checklist, and ideas on how to add value to your home, or just improve the enjoyment of your home! Home Improvement Tips Build a Deck Decks not only allow you to fully enjoy the sun, but they can serve as additional living space providing you with a great place to dine and socialize. A pressure treated wood deck can withstand all sorts of weather and last for years with proper maintenance. Maintain or Update your Siding While you were keeping warm inside your home all winter the exterior of your home was enduring the winter’s harsh temperatures and intense weather conditions. These may have caused cracks or leaks in your siding. Have your siding inspected to determine if you have any major damage that may need repair or replacement. If all is good with the inspection, then a good pressure washing may be all you need. Repair your Roof Snowfall can take a toll on your roof and you may have suffered damage such as moisture seeping in between the cracks and creases. Have your roof inspected by a professional and repair any damage that is found to prevent curling, peeling, or disintegration of the shingles. Update your Kitchen Cabinets Spruce up your kitchen cabinets with new knobs and pulls and add crown molding to give your cabinets a new look at a low cost. Update your Rain Gutters Without rain gutters, our homes are defenseless against raging rain storms. the water from rain could erode the soil around your foundation, splash dirt onto the side of your home, and leak into the basement causing internal damage to your home. Gutters are a definite must for any home and covers help to cut the maintenance to a minimum. Don’t have the time or you are unsure how to complete an update/repair? Call ANDY ONCALL™! Andy’s Helpful Tips With Spring, comes SPRING cleaning. Here are a few everyday items that can do the trick. Vinegar (white or apple cider) Eliminate paint odors: Place a bowl or two of vinegar in a freshly painted room to dispel the odor. Clean drains—and the pipes they’re attached to—by pouring vinegar down them. After 30 minutes, flush with cold water. Corn Starch Carpets and rugs: Clean grease...

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