The Most Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Projects!

Fall is the season for spending your weekends enjoying the autumn air and scenery whether it be — apple-picking, hayrides, or pumpkin patches. While beautiful, fall is also the perfect time to tackle those home improvement projects and to-do lists we put off during the summer. So what’s on your list? Below is a list of home improvement projects that give you more bang for your buck. Paint the front door (ROI: 80% – 140%) A freshly painted front door helps your home stand out from the block, and it can be finished in less than an afternoon. Exterior painting should be done at a time when the temps are at least 50 degrees or so and aren’t dipping below the 40s at night. Refresh (or repair) the deck (ROI: 80% – 120%) A deck is only as good as its condition. If the wood is splintering, the finish faded, or the rails shaky, call in the experts. Enhance the exterior (ROI: 60% – 100%) If your exterior paint job is in decent shape, a few touch-ups could suffice. But for those with chipping paint or a 1970s color scheme? Call the pros immediately. Replace or repair your roof (ROI: 50% – 110%) A new roof can be basic or with details that enhance curb appeal, but its main value comes from instilling confidence that it is functionally sound. And that is invaluable. Power-wash the exterior (ROI: 40% – 110%) The ROI for this project can vary based on just how dirty your home was before the wash. If the home was merely a little dirty, the ROI may not be as great as it is for one that will look almost new after the wash. If your home falls into the latter category, it can be worth it to hire a pro. Window Replacement (ROI: 50% – 80%) Windows can be hit-or-miss investments, mainly because they are expensive to replace and almost invisible to buyers. Clean the gutters (ROI: Priceless) Here, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A mere 30 minutes of routine rain gutter maintenance could prevent thousands of dollars in damage to the foundation of a home. Don’t have the time or you are unsure how to maintain and/or make the proper repairs? Call ANDY ONCALL©! Fall Fire Safety Tips As summer turns to fall, it’s a good idea to refresh your...

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