Things Are Heating Up This Summer!

Summer Home Maintenance Reminders Summertime is here and that means fun time in the sun.  Summer is also the season for higher electrical costs.  Following are inexpensive energy-saving ideas.  The Home Safety Council dedicates the month of June – Home Safety Month – to educate and empower both families and businesses to take actions that will make homes safe. Standard summertime maintenance & safety suggestions: Replace air conditioner filters monthly for maximum benefit. Weather-strip, seal, and caulk leaky doors and windows and install foam gaskets behind outlet covers. Install a whole house fan in your attic. Install patio covers, awnings, and solar window screens to shade your home from the sun. For additional future savings, use strategically planted trees, shrubs, and vines to shade your home. Leaking ductwork accounts for 25% of cooling costs in an average home; have your ducts tested for leaks and have any leaks or restrictions repaired by a qualified contractor. Increase attic insulation: If existing insulation level is R-19 or less, consider insulating your attic to at least R-30. Lock poisons, cleaners, medications, and all dangerous items in a place where children and pets cannot reach them. Install carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas and check to make sure your smoke alarms are working. Build a shed with a lock for storing your lawn equipment, gasoline, pesticides, and pool and/or spa chemicals. Install a fence around your pool and/or spa with a locking gate. Keep your hot water at or below 120 degrees F to prevent burns. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time with family and friends enjoying summer activities? Call ANDY ONCALL© for all your maintenance, repair, and remodeling needs. ANDY’s Helpful Tips! Tips for Improving Curb Appeal With simple improvements, you can easily transform your home into the best-looking house on the block. IN JUST A DAY There are several quick fixes you can complete in just one day that will make a big impact on your exterior. Make over your mailbox. Restore your existing mailbox with a fresh coat of paint or stain that matches the trim, color, and woodwork of your house. Tame planter beds and landscaping. Add a fresh layer of mulch and your yard will look as good as new. Illuminate your walkway. If you do not have a walkway, string accent lighting in the trees for a whimsical-looking effect. Freshen up the front door. A good cleaning...

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